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I love Eat 'N Park. We have several close to where I live, and I get great service at all but one, which is located near our mall. As a closing/midnight server, I'm totally aware that it tends to be a little slow, there's things to do, etc., but you have to actually, y'know, take care of customers, too, since that's part of your job. Usually with them it's just minor things, like, bringing food out and disappearing until you're done -- I usually go with friends or bring a book and don't mind, except when I want a refill.

A few months ago, my ex SO and I went there to eat, because there are only two restaurants open past midnight where I work -- my workplace being one of them. When the hostess is working, I will give her credit, she is very prompt about seating. But when we were seated, I noticed two tables next to us, looking rather irritated. After about five minutes, one of the guys at the table got up and refilled his own coffee. He said, "good luck, we haven't seen the waitress in about a half-hour". Lovely. So we wait, because we were hungry. And waited. And waited. Finally, about twenty minutes later, we collect our menus and take them back up to the hostess station. The hostess asked us if everything was okay. We explained that we had waited, the other tables said they hadn't seen anyone come by in forever, and that we were just going to go.

I avoided the place for awhile -- I usually just take something home from work, or come home and cook, but I do love their cookies, so I decided to drop by and get a dozen. They weren't really busy, three tables, one new. I get the cookies off of the shelf and stand up at the register. I see a server come out, bring drinks to a table. She sees me standing there, goes back in the back, and I assumed coming to ring me up, since they have to go that way to get to the register. Nope. She brings another table out their food, and I even see them gesture to me, letting her know I'd been there for a few minutes. She looks at me, and walks off. I was tempted just to walk out with the cookies, because I was tired, but I'm not dishonest, and I really didn't feel like being arrested for shoplifting $3.99 cookies, and I would have walked out without them, except I know my sister loves them to death, too, she's little, and I like making her day. Finally, after about fifteen minutes, she strolls through the register area door, and has the balls to say:

"You should have yelled. *giggle*"

I just kind of stared at her. I couldn't even think of some witty comeback. Seriously. It just boggled me. I do exactly what she does, but at a different place. I would have had total sympathy for her if they'd been remotely busy. I would have even tipped her had she kept her mouth shut. I have regulars that I know I can joke with, but I'd never dream of saying that to a customer in a million years. She didn't even apologize.

And apparently, it's not the first or last time for the waitress disappearing act. We had a couple in a few weeks ago who gave the other server a HUGE tip because they'd been down to Eat N' Park and sat for FOURTY-FIVE MINUTES waiting for someone to come take their order. They said they'd been craving the food and were starved or they would have left a lot sooner.

And for the record, the cookies were excellent.

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