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My boyfriend and I went out to eat at Applebees as first time customers. I ordered a strawberry-mango frozen margarita with salt, we split a mini pizza as a beginner which turned out to be delicious, I got a caesar salad with onions on it, and he asked for a medium rare burger. The waitress informed us they would not make it medium rare because of the board of health, so he said than just make it medium.
My drink came with no salt and when I mentioned this she said "Oh I forgot" and instead of offering to make a new one (which is easy, just dip a new cup in the salt bowl then transfer the drink into the new cup) she waited for me to tell her that that it was okay that she forgot. Salt is one of the best parts of a margarita I think.
As I said, the pizza was very good, then our meals came. I got me caesar salad, then on a seperate place came three small onion rings. As the waitress saw the look on my face she asked me if I had wanted them sauteed. I said no but I was looking for more than 3 rings, and wanted them in my salad. (I thought that would be obvious? I get salads + onions all the time and I've never had issues) She brought the onions back and they came back diced which was fine.
My boyfriends burger was not medium, is was completely well done and he hates it like that but being the polite man that he is did not complain.
However, when he dipped a french fry into his tarter sauce and found a piece of hair clinging to the end of the fry, that was really just too much for me and I want and told the manager. I didn't mention any of the other problems, just the hair, and said I wasn't looking for a discount but it was really gross and a downer on the whole experience. He didn't apoligize, just said "thanks for tellin' me"
Then I asked for a water and she didn't get it for about 5-7 minutes after she came back to see how things were then realized she forgot. By the way, it wasn't busy at all, on a Sunday night it was pretty empty. We left a 11% tip after we discussed how many of the problems actually were our waitresses fault opposed to the kitchen.

Now being first time customers this experience completely turned us off to ever going back. My question is, am I overreacting or should I email the main Applebees... people.. And let them know what a crappy experience it was? As we left we agreed it was a complete waste of 30 dollars and we then argued with eachother as to whos idea it was to go there =P
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