Richard Harman (warewolf) wrote in bad_service,
Richard Harman

Sunoco gas station @ RT29 & I-66 waste xfer station, fairfax va

This morning I went to gas up, because I was going out of state. The station was only selling 87 octane (not the bad_service), but had it posted on every pump. I pull up, swipe my card, select 87 octane, and put the nozzle into my gas tank. Before I squeeze the nozzle trigger to start dispensing fuel, the pump starts ticking up that it is charging me for dispensed fuel. Puzzled, I pull the nozzle out of the tank, and nope -- no fuel is coming out of the nozzle. I hold the nozzle up higher (still not squzzing the trigger, at about head height) to see if the pump doing something like pumping fuel into air-space of the line (think like a siphon, I was trying to center the balance of the weight) and nope, still ticking.

I walk into the store, and try to get the attention of two station employees who are arguing over the temperature the hotdog cooker has to be set at. For 5 minutes. I ask if an employee can come out and look at the pump, becuase it charged me for gas I did not get dispensed. The employee fights with me over $0.31, and tells me that I must have mashed the wrong selection. Nope, I tried to pump 87 octane.

I cut my $0.31 losses, went to another Sunoco down the street, and called the VA Dept of Weights & Measures. Now the pump will get inspected, and hopefully will get fixed.

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