The Irascible Housepet (felisdemens) wrote in bad_service,
The Irascible Housepet

Diner Declined

I stopped into a little South Beach diner for lunch yesterday. I've been there before, and had a pretty decent experience.

Not this time.

I was by myself, and the place was pretty bustling. I waited a few minutes before someone came and took me to a little corner table... that appeared to be the break table, as someone's smokes, water bottle, and order pad were sitting on it. The guy who seated me took all this stuff with him, at least.

So I wait to order.

Servers come and go. None approach me.

I make the high sign at one of them after about ten minutes. He wiggles his fingers at me and says "I'll be right there!", then collects some checks and trots off again.

Five more minutes pass. Same dude comes and collects some more cash. Different servers come and take orders. I catch the eye of one of them and hold up my menu hopefully. He winks at me and leaves. *wtf?*

I note the "I'll be right there" guy sitting on a barstool talking to someone and drinking something.

A few more minutes pass. I look at my phone and I have been sitting there for 28 minutes without anyone coming near me. I get up and walk out.

The guy who seated me runs out onto the sidewalk after me calling "Are you LEEEEAVING?"

Uh, I just got up and walked out of your restaurant and am now across the street moving at a good clip. Is this somehow ambiguous?

Ugh. South Beach. *shakes head*

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