sweet_rosebud (sweet_rosebud) wrote in bad_service,

Stupid Steak Escape

Highly negative experience I had at the Steak Escape outlet in the Riverwalk Marketplace, New Orleans, Louisiana.

I ordered a 7" Ragin' Cajun chicken sandwich, advertised on the menu board for $4.79, and a fries/drink combo for an additional $2.50, so the subtotal should have been $7.29, plus another $.70 for tax. I chose my menu items carefully so that I would not exceed the $8.00 cash I brought.

At the register, the total came to $8.50-something. I asked the cashier to itemize the bill for me and she said that it was an additional $.40 to add a squirt of barbecue sauce to the sandwich. I asked her to strike it and the new total was $8.15.

I was still confused at how the bill came to exceed $8.00. She said the sandwich was $4.93. I pointed out that the menu board said $4.79. The cashier dismissed me, saying, "Oh, those are the old prices." I told her that they either needed to change the board, cover the prices on the board, hang a note on the board, or else honor the advertised price!

Even though it is only $.14, it's not a good business practice in general to advertise one price and then charge another at the register! And in this instance, $.14 meant a lot to me, given that I had only an $8.00 budget that day. When I explained that to the cashier, she helpfully added, "We take debit cards now if you're short of cash!" Which, of course, is not the point.

My boss said that one time, she bought a salad, and for some random reason, Ranch dressing was $.40 extra (other dressings were no charge). I should never have given them a second chance; the first time I ever attempted to eat there, I was studying the menu board for a few minutes (no one else in line), when the cashier snapped rudely at me, "Are you going to order, or WHAT?!?"

I sent a more detailed email via their corporate website and have not heard anything back yet...but I did notice that the next time I went to the mall they had changed the prices on the menu board.
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