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Bank of America

I try to avoid calling Bank of America at all costs. I've dealt with their automated phone service before, and it is horrible. I don't know if it's just me, but their voice recognition software can rarely understand what I'm saying.

So last night I walked away from the ATM without taking my card. Incredibly stupid mistake on my part, I know. By the time I realized what I did I was no where near the ATM any more, nor was I anywhere near my house so I could get online. I suck it up, and use my cell phone to call them. I spend probably 10-15 minutes trying to work through their menus to freeze my account. I get on the right track, and it asks me if my card is a business card to which I reply "no". I go on hold for another 5 minutes, and then I finally start talking to a real person. She informs me that she deals with business cards, and that she would transfer me to the correct department. Where does she transfer me? Back to the automated phone service.
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