_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

If fast food restaurants drug tested, many people would be out of jobs.

Taco bell... oh how I love you...

So, last night after work, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Taco Bell. At this particular location, we've always had mediocre service. Food is good, but the bitter teenagers serving us really don't care what they are doing.

A little background - I know two of the people who work at this Taco Bell. One is a very old friend, and the other is her meth head fiance. Not only has she admitted that he is on meth, but he's said it multiple times to me. He is essentially a horrible person [not just because of the drugs]. And he's a manager at this Taco Bell. This was after he was fired as a manager from Carl's Jrs.

Last night, meth boy was working. Strangely, we get along pretty well and he likes my fiance. He's always been kind of nice when we've come in. Not that we expect stellar service because we know him. Our time in Taco Bell literally went like this:

- We walk in the door and up to the counter.
- Meth boy is playing with sauce packets by the drive through window.
- He looks at us.
- Taco bar guy stares at us.
- He says, "I'll get you guys later"
- We think he's joking because that is just his personality. Taco bar guy laughs.

A few minutes later... nothing. We are very patient people, so we didn't really care. I was getting irritated, but waited silently. After about five minutes, he is helping people in the drive thru. So I wait some more. After about... eight minutes(?) I see the taco bar guy scratching his scalp and then assemble a burrito. My fiance and I just looked at each other and walked out. On the way out, we heard meth boy and taco bar guy laughing hysterically.

I've hesitated complaining in the past about his behavior for two reasons. One, I would feel compelled to mention that I know him and know he's on drugs and that that is why he was fired from his last job. Another, because his fiance is an old friend and I know they are tight on money. I know I should complain, I just don't exactly know how.
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