Michael (micronix) wrote in bad_service,

i usually dont post to this community when i deal with bad service, but this time i cant let go of what happened.

i walked into a subway asking for the student discount. "yeah, we do that." the discount brings down the cost of a meal from like $8 to $5.40 if i have my college id. anyway, i made an order and asked for my sub to have honey oak bread. "sorry, we dont have that. we only have italian." fine, i'll have italian. white bread wont kill me if i eat it once. 10 minutes into my food, a girl walks in and orders a meal, asking for honey oak. there i am, prepared to hear that they dont have any, but no, i see a 12 inch honey oak sub being taken out. wtf? that's when i approached the people who were working on the sub. "i thought you said you didnt have honey oak?" i didnt even get a response. the person making the sub looked at me and paused along with the customer. i probably asked twice. the customer looked uncomfortable, and the sales person looked annoyed. i just didnt think it was worth the effort and walked out.

this pretty much ruined my evening. i walked out and vowed to call the chain's customer service and bitch about what happened. i'll do that later today. if anyone is interested, this is subway #25758 on 61 lexington avenue near baruch college.
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