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Another Dentist's Suck

My fiance is getting ready to go fight this silly war and the army was like "Hey you have 3 cavities, get them filled or we're pulling them." So of course, he puts it off until the day before he has to leave (I know, stupid, but that's the way he works, I'd been bugging him but obviously not enough...) Anyway, we manage to find a dentist that can fit him in as an emergency and we think everything is fine.

Well, the dentist found 6 cavities (he only had these xrays a few months ago so how 3 more appear in a few months is not impossible but unlikely...) so he has 6 cavities filled in one day, (two Amalgam 3's and 4 2's) which costs nearly $1000 when all is said and done (they figured our copay was about $170 which isn't that bad but we weren't expecting to pay more than $100...).

But my fiance says the doctor didn't wait for him to get numb (it takes him awhile to get numb/a lot of shots to stay that way) and just started working and had to keep stopping to give him more shots, and by the end instead of waiting and giving the right amount the doctor gave him too much so he was numb for like 5 hours afterwards. He also said it was the most painful dental experience of his life, and that he had had 6 cavities filled in one go before and it didn't feel anything like that.

They also didn't let him spit/rinse or anything during the procedure to get the extra sealent or whatever out of his mouth so he nearly choked on little bits of it during the procedure and then was coughing it up or pulling it out of his mouth for the rest of the day after that. He also said the dentist was rude, like he was wasting his time, but if he didn't have the time, why did they fit him in, and also they made like $1000 off of him, they could be nicer.

The lady at the desk was also really rude. When we found out our copay was nearly double what we expected we asked if we could pay in two installments and she was all "NO! We TOLD you on the phone! You are a new customer and have to pay your ENTIRE copay NOW!" I mean ok, policy is policy but you didn't have to be a rude uberbitch. The only nice person we talked to in that office was the lady who went out of her way to get us the appointment, who we never actually saw once we got there :(.

The only reason we even tolerated this is because it was an emergency and beggers can't be choosers, but we're NEVER going back there again.
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