Sarah (lerabollera) wrote in bad_service,

As much as I have enjoyed being a part of this community, I never thought I would have to post anything as I rather naively thought I could sail through life avoiding all forms of bad service. 

I am in the process of buying my first home and, like most females, am spending far too much time lusting over objects to fill it with. I started lusting over a candelabra a while ago and last week I decided to buy it on-line (the shop is 200 miles away). When I did, I entered into a contract (which I fully accept) to pay £39.50 for it but I didn't count on the item arriving with its £14.00  shop floor price tag  still on.  A tag, a pretty little thing, fastened with a cute ribbon with the code and description matching that on my invoice.

I rang the bank to check that the funds had been taken out and then I quickly rang Trading Standards, not to tell on them but to get my facts straight before I rang the shop. Apparently, shops can charge what they like and do not have to offer the lower price but it is illegal to have misleading price tags. Anyway, to cut a long story short they won't refund the difference - not even as an act of goodwill. This really pissed me off! I thought it was cheaper on-line as you don't have shop overheads to consider. How dare they charge what they like! I wouldn't have mithered if it was a couple pounds but more than double is taking the poverbial. I am so upset. I am sending it back for a refund and go without. I am praying I get my refund (minus two lots of p&p no doubt)
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