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thanks, doc!

After waiting for over an hour to see the dentist last Friday, watching people that came in before me AND after me get in, I finally was able to see him to get one root canal done, and to get rid of my last wisdom tooth. After getting me most of the way through the root canal, he said he had to go get x-rays done to make sure he got it all, and then left. His assistant was a flake, and didn't realize that pregnant chicks need two aprons on during x-rays, to be safe (I'm due at the end of the month, and it's kinda obvious, since we were talkng about what I'd be naming him.). Whatever, that's cool, she got another apron and things are fine. Right?

Uh, no. My dentist left me in there for over half an hour for no reason, when all he wanted to do was look at the x-rays, and instead he went off to work on other patients. He didn't have a clock in there, but the tv was on, and I had to sit through The View. Ugh. When he did get back, he kept paying attention to the tv while working, and his assistant actually turned the sound up. Uh, thanks doc. Maybe that's why tomorrow I've another appointment, because the tooth that got the root canal? Hurts. He didn't do it completely. :/

My mum waited for me in the lobby, and said that a few people came and went while I was in there, which would explain why he ditched me. They left the door open in the room, and I heard him talking and using equipment. I wouldn't mind so much, since I didn't have any time constraints really, but I'm a total pansy and usually need more painkiller shots in me than is usual, and it wears off kinda quick. He took out my wisdom tooth last and at the end it hurt pretty bad, because he kept pressing into the gums.
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