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Now, I understand that I'm not even sure if it qualifies as "Bad Service" but it's from my doctor. My Primary doctor's office. Unfortunately this is not the first time I've had "bad_service" there but that's besides the point.

I injured my shoulder over three weeks ago and my last doctor's visit wanted me to get a referral for an MRI. So I went to go get the referral after discussing my options with my doctor (He'd said on the visit prior to wear my arm in a sling for as long as I could) we decided to get an MRI done to see what the fuck is wrong. They said they needed to fax off a referral request for me to get approved before we could schedule an MRI and that they would call when they got a fax back.

So I've been waiting. Two weeks passed without a phone call, so I called and they said "Nothing yet, still waiting." so I've been waiting, finally my mom had an appt. there today and I asked and they said "Nothing yet, still waiting.". In the almost a month since my last visit, I've quit wearing my sling because it was making my arm/shoulder worse (and weaker) than before.

I got home and called my insurance company to see what could possibly be taking so long to get this referral y'know because by the time I get it, I'm not going to need it. So I call and here's what the gal on the phone said, "We don't need to pre-approve your MRI just go get it done." and my jaw hit the floor. Like I've been waiting three weeks to hear wether or not I can get this stupid MRI done and here I don't even need what they said I needed.

So I called the doctor's office and asked to speak with their receptionist who was still out on lunch and the little gal that answered said "Well what do you need her for?" and I had to explain to her "I need a referral to CDI so I can get an MRI done. I was in 3 weeks ago but you said you had to fax my insurance company, and you didn't have to so I just need to get my referral for an MRI as soon as possible." and then, "Oh well you'll have to wait till [receptionist on lunch] gets back." I just hung up the phone and decided I'd call back later.

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