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united/ted airlines...

I flew out to San Francisco for Easter weekend. I booked my tickets through and figured that I wouldn't have any problems.

Flying out there? No problem. US Air was great.

Trying to get back home? Nightmare and a half.

The first leg of my return itinerary was on Ted, which is a subsidiary of United Airlines. My connection was to go from Ted to US Air. I distinctly remember asking who the eff was Ted...

Problem #1: the Easy Pass machine wasn't working. I had to hunt down an agent to figure out what was going on with the machine. In the long run, this doesn't matter because...

Problem #2: my flight from SFO to Las Vegas is delayed. How delayed is it? Delayed enough that I would surely miss my connection from Las Vegas to RDU. The agent says, "sorry, the machine won't spit out your boarding passes because of the delay." Okay, fine. She then tells me that I need to speak to an agent. WTF? Pretty much everyone in line at the Easy Pass machines was in for the same thing.

So I stood in line at the actual ticketing counter to speak to an agent. The line to speak to a human was quickly getting long. When I finally got up to the counter, the agent was rude. Granted, the guy in front of me demanded to speak to a supervisor, but that's besides the point. I patiently explained my situation to her and showed her my itinerary. She in turn said, "you do know that you're going to miss your connection, right?" *headdesk* I explained it again and asked what I needed to do to get my butt on a flight heading east.

She booked me on a US Air flight from Vegas to Charlotte, NC, and then from Charlotte to RDU. And then she told me, "well, I don't know if I can do that. This isn't US Air." No shit. Which leads to...

Problem #3: she didn't offer to call US Air and see if she could do this. Nope. No offer of calling. Instead, she said that she thought the boarding passes were good, but I needed to go over to US Air and check. US Air is on the opposite side of SFO.

Fine. At this point, I just want to be sure that I have a flight going back to NC and that I'll make it to work on time.

Meanwhile, after walking all the way around SFO and catching the air train, we make it over to the US Air counter. I patiently explained my situation to the lady behind the counter. Guess what the first thing she asked was? Yep. "Why didn't she just call over here to check?" Go figure. Then I noticed something: United was starting to send everyone that was in the same boat over to US Air. They never bothered to call US Air to ask them ANYTHING. Bah.

The agents at US Air were extremely helpful. In the end, the boarding passes that United/Ted issued me were no good. US Air unchecked and rechecked me in and issued me valid boarding passes. They did all of this in a matter of minutes. The agent also asked me if there was anything that she could do for all my troubles. I shrugged and asked for aisle seats the whole way back and got them. She offered me some miles, but I don't fly enough to make it worth my while. To tell you the truth, if they would have said they couldn't get me another connection until the next day, I wouldn't have been upset with US Air.

Of course, then I had to get back to the other side of SFO to catch my flight on Ted, which I easily could have missed.

Bottom line? Not amused with Ted. Loved US Air. If only the woman would have bothered to call US Air...

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