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Hate for Cox

I just moved to Fairfax VA where our only cable option is Cox.  (We can't have satellites installed on our building, so DirecTV & Dish are both out).
Anyway, since I first called them, it's been one annoyance after another.  
1) The guy I talked to when I first ordered told me that a technician would come by on Saturday to install our phone & drop off the cable & internet equipment.  He also supposedly signed me up for their $3.99/month service plan.  Saturday comes & goes, no technician.  I called their main number, no luck.  

I call them on Monday morning and they tell me someone was scheduled to come by on Monday between 5-7.  Oh really?  That's news to me!  I was also told of their on-time guarantee...the tech will be there by 7, or call & they'll credit your account $20.  7pm comes & goes.  I wait until 7:10 and call.  Hey, it's a guarantee for a reason. He's late, I want the $20 credit.  So I call, am on the phone for 15 min, get the credit.  At 7:30, the tech shows up.
He does his job, leaves, and I'm content.  I hook up the cable & internet w/ no problems.  Until I try to scroll through the digital cable menu.  The menu seems to be stuck on 'scroll', running through the channel menu w/out stopping.  I press buttons, everything short of throwing the remote across the room.  Finally I just turn the box off & back on. 
It happens the next time I bring up the digital menu.  Somehow it eventually stops on its own. But now the remote won't work at all.  F'ing great.  Turn it off, turn it back on, change the batteries, etc.
It seems to be better but still happens on occasion.
Anyway, my next complaint.  While I was on the phone getting my $20, I ask the service rep to add my boyfriend as an authorized user to the account.  Sure thing, she says. So supposedly he's added.  

I forget why, but he needed to call about the internet, and he tells me that he's not on the account.  Great, the lady screwed up.
Today, I wanted to watch the Science channel.  It's not there.  It & several of the Discovery channels we supposedly have aren't there either.  So I call.  Again.  The guy I talk to is completely useless.  His accent is so strong, I have to ask him to repeat himself several times.  I ask several questions.  He doesn't respond.  Usually, if whatever they're working on will take a minute or 2, the service rep will tell you so.  I'm waiting, he says nothing, so I say Hello?  He rudely says "Give me a minute".  Ok! Geez, just tell me what you're doing & I'll wait!  So he remotely resets the system...didn't work.  Whatever, he says someone can come out to check on it but I"ll have to pay for them to install another box.  WTF?  I didn't pay for the first installation (um, I did it myself.  It's not hard to plug in a couple cables). I say excuse me, but I don't need to pay for installation.  He says yes, you do.  I said no,I have the $3.99 service plan (mentioned above)  He says No, you don't.  Again, WTF?  I signed up for it, the original guy I talked to told me I had it, now where the hell is it?

At this point, I'm fed up.  I have a mini explosion, and tell him "I'm not meaning to take this out on you, but since day 1, I've been extremely dissatisfied w/ your service.."  and start to rattle off my list.  He keeps trying to talk over me.  I say "Excuse me,will you let me talk??" I don't appreciate being talked over.  Granted, I was going off a bit but still.  At the end of my tirade, I apologized and said I know it's not your fault, but I'm so annoyed w/ your services & lack of competence!  I ask him about the problem w/ the remote.  He doesn't say anything.  I say "Are you going to answer my question???"   After about 10 seconds, he says there's nothing I can do here, a technician will have to look at it.  Great, but don't just sit there in silence after I ask a question!!

I also asked about an instruction manual for the remote (so I can program it to work w/ our TV).  He says I can stop by their retail offices to pick one up.  WTF?  I should have been given one in the first place...I'm not going 45 minutes out of my way to get something they can easily send to me.  We'll see if I actually get it.
So he added the service plan (supposedly), told me someone would be here tomorrow between 3-5, and I'm almost hoping they're late so that they owe me another $20.  

So, it's nothing major, but it's just been one annoying thing after another and I'm sick of it!  I hope that makes sense...I just got off the phone & my mind's just not working straight
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