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Dear Grocery Store Clerk

This is a small complaint.

There is this woman at the local grocery store who used to drive me CRAZY.

Her name was Rose.

She made it her mission in life to get me every sale available in as grumpy a manner as possible.

The problem with this? I have food allergies and can only eat certain brands of food.

So I'd come to the line with my brand name food and she'd curl her lip, "You can get this five dollars cheaper if you buy the bulk other brand."

I'd shake my head and smile, "I want that one."

"There's more in the bulk AND you save money," followed by a sharp glance, disapproving glance.

"I want that one."

At which time she'd angrily ring it through, not speak to me anymore and pretty much throw my bags at me as I left.

This was not a one time thing. Every time I came to shop she'd try and push the cheaper brands on me with the sale prices. I understood her intent but she would always get really pissy and angry when I'd refuse to buy the cheaper items.

So finally one day when she murmured to me that I could save money with the other item I responded loudly, "Oh! There's a sale! I hadn't noticed!" More out of sarcastic frustration than anything else. Of course I did not take the cheaper item.

When I spoke so loudly her face went a bit red and she hissed at me, "If my manager heard that I'll be in big trouble."

I genuinely felt bad about that. Despite her rude responses to my rejections she was attempting to save me money.

But anyway,


If I Do not WANT the sale item, stop PUSHING it at me. PLEASE.

That said, I have since moved and do not have to deal with Rose and her sale pushing ways anymore. Yay!
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