a girl with torn jeans & stars in her eyes (jezzabe) wrote in bad_service,
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Dear Arsewipe who 'serviced' my car for four years because you were who the previous owners went to,

Sure, i'm female. I don't know much about cars - i admit that. But when you continue to put in automatic aerial, even though i continually ask you for manual ones because the automatic ones keep breaking, this pisses me off. When you tell me the trip meter is working, even when i quite clearly know it isn't, this pisses me off even more. When you tell me that my brakes aren't leaking, and neither is my oil, i want to take you home so i can point out the stains on my driveway that call you a big fat liar.

And then! When i take my car to a company that runs a proper service, and they charge me $1800 for a list of things that have been building up for the past four years, i get mad. After getting over my shock of not being killed in the death trap you let me drive.

I'm toying with the idea of sending you the bill, because i feel the money i gave you to cheat me could be used to pay this horrible bill that will pauper me. But hey, at least my car won't explode.

Die in a fire,
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