Kimmy (sattyknight) wrote in bad_service,

Okay, this didn't happen to me because I left early, but my friends told me about it. Me and a few friends went to iHop around 1AM-2AMish, but I left because I had work at 9AM that morning. 

After I left, my friends ordered their food. They waited and they waited. They realized people who came in after them were getting their food before them. And these people ate their good and left before my friends ever got their food. So things were getting awkward and irritable for them, so they called their waiter over (who was chatting with friends, and yes, it was obvious they were friends).  He apologized and they still waited for their food. It was getting ridiculous and finally the cook came out and questioned them. They told him what was going on and he apologized as well, and told them they wouldn't have to pay. Even when they finally got their food, it wasn't their complete order. By the time they left it was 5AMish. 

Bad_Service on the waiter's fault. My friends and I go there all the time and that was the only time they've actually had trouble with the service. So it's not like "ZOMG NEVER COMING BACK RAAAAAAAAWRG"

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