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If you're nice, I might make things easier on you

This goes out to the deli woman who acted like a pisser to me this afternoon and ended up making more work for herself (the one thing she was trying to avoid) due to her crappy attitude.

My daughter and I stopped by King Soopers for some groceries and I usually pick up deli meat. In this KS store, they usually slice the turkey way too thick (I like mine very thin -- nearly shredded). After standing there gazing at the selection of meats for almost five minutes without anyone coming from the back to help us, a blonde-haired, sourpuss-faced lady arrived with an unenthused, "How can I help you?" on her lips.

"Yes, I'd like some of the honey turkey, but do you have any sliced thinner than that?" *points to ready-made slices*

Sour-faced deli woman lets out a heavy sigh. "No, I don't. I'd have to slice some for you." Shoots me a look that automatically tells me that although she works in the deli section and HER JOB is to slice the meat however the way the customer wants it, she's just not in the mood to be bothered with me right now. Even though I'm the ONLY customer there at the time -- so it's not like she has a 'rush' of customers clamoring for her attention.

Now, had she replied with a smile and **cheerfully** said (or even attempted a halfhearted DECENT reply), "No, I sure don't. But if you'd like me to cut you some that way, I can," then I would have probably told her not to bother with it, and that I'd take a pound of what she already had sliced up.

However, since she displayed her crappy attitude from the word go, I sweetly smiled and answered in a syrupy voice, "Yes, I think I would like for you to slice me some that's thinner, please." I know it pissed her off, but that's why I answered the way I did.

Once she handed me my order, I tossed it in my cart, turned to her and added, "You have a nice day!"
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