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Annoying service

I'm visiting my mom currently for easter weekend, and we decided to go to the mall yesterday to find something for my graduation coming up. Well...I never found anything for graduation but we left with plenty of crap that we got on sale. Now normally I don't even bother with this mall, half the shops are closed and the remaining are all small and full of staff with serious attitude problems. But the roads were bad so we couldn't drive to another, I guess beggars can't be choosers. Well after going through my purchases when we got home, I found out that two of the stores I visited didn't bother checking for ink tags. Two shirts from two separate stores still had those ugly ink tags hanging off of them. Geez, I can see one store..but two?? Of course today is Easter Sunday so the stores weren't open today. I'm leaving to drive back to my place soon, and the mall closest to my house doesn't even have either of those two stores. Soooo annoying! Now I have two cute shirts I can't even wear until I track down a store to take these stupid things off.

Ugh I hate that mall.
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