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Bad service day.

So it's just been one of those days. Bad service all around. Seriously, all day long, nothing but people that exist soley to make my life hell.

1) About a week ago, my cell phone's speaker thing just stopped working (spent $200 on this new phone two months ago). I didn't drop it. It just stopped working. So the phone won't ring, the speaker won't work, and any outside sounds just don't...sound. My service is Cricket. I take it in to a full service Cricket store today. The wait is very long. The music is hardcore gangster rap. Not the most pleasant atmosphere, but whatever. When I explain my problem, the guy concludes that speaker isn't working. He says he can replace the phone in this...aren't you lucky i'm here...kind of tone. I asked if my numbers can be transferred to the new phone. Yes. I ask if the money I spent on all of the added features (games and ringtones) will be able to be transferred to the new phone. No. Why? "It was your choice to buy those things, we just replace the phone. Good thing you have insurance. And you're getting a free phone." was my choice to buy them, and I'd like to keep them, and it's NOT a free phone when I paid $200 just two months before for it...but whatever. Like $50 down the drain. I notice that there's a charger with my new phone and make a joke that at least I"ll get that out of this ordeal. He said, "Um no. You don't get the charger." Why not, I want to know. "You already have one." The tone was nasty. The guy continues to talk, and he's getting more and more condescending and rude as the conversation goes on. He finally gets up to go transfer my numbers. I wait. I wait. I wait some more. 15 minutes later, he comes back and tells me the machines to transfer numbers aren't working. He hands me a pen and a pad of paper and tells me I'll have to write down all of my numbers and put them in manually to the new phone. By now, his attitude is irking me. It's the tone in his voice...nothing I can type out, really. I am not happy about this. He says, "hey it's not my fault it's not working. I just can't make it work, you know." Whatever. I do this, which takes about another half hour (I have hundreds of numbers and business contacts). By then, he's with another customer so I have to wait more, listening to this god awful music the entire time. Finally I get him back and glare at him. I admit it. I glared. I was not happy. I told him as such. Let him know that I was a customer, a loyal one who has spent a lot of money with the company, and I did not deserve to be treated the way I was being treated. I understand when things don't work or policies don't allow you to refund my flex money (ringtones), but the customer service I was receiving in the process was awful. He said, "sorry that's how i talk". I said, "Too bad. I'm your customer and I should not have to feel like I'm inconveniencing you because the phone that you sold me doesn't work." On and on. Finally...FINALLY when I think he realized that he couldn't screw me...he gave me a free month of service. An hour and a half after I entered the store, I left with my new phone, 3 pages of handwritten phone numbers, and a charger.

2) On my way home, I stopped by McDonalds for some tasty chicken nuggets and a side salad. I pulled through. Made it to the 2nd window. No greeting, no eye contact, nothing. All I got was a bag shoved in my face. I handed it back and said, "Could I please get some sauce?" I was SO nice. The guy looked at me blankly. "Sauce?" Great. He didn't speak English. "Yes, sauce for the nuggets. I'd like honey mustard." "One second." Closed window. A few minutes. Then another bag shoved in my face. "Salad." Didn't ask what kind of dressing I wanted, so I checked. Ranch. I took it out and then saw the salad. It was disgusting. Brown and limp and yucky. So I handed him the bag back and asked for a newer salad, vinegar dressing, and honey mustard for the nuggets. When did it become ok in a drive-thru to make the customer do your job for you? I used to work at Taco Bell and man...if we forgot to ask if the customer wanted sauce...we were done for. This was no sauce, old lettuce, and the wrong dressing.

3) Later on in the day, I decide to stay in tonight and order in some Chinese. A little too much boozin' last night, so I want to take it easy. I order a chicken with plum sauce combo (rice, crab puff, egg roll) and some soup. I open the door for the delivery guy and he tries to push past me to come INTO my house. What the hell? I think he was just trying to put the food down for me, but STILL. Don't come into my house! I stepped in front of him and said, "Um...I've got it." After I signed my receipt, he blatantly checked to make sure I left a tip before leaving. Fine. I take everything to the kitchen and start to sort through when I realize they gave me the chicken, no combo. Great. I call them and they say, "Oh. Well. Next time, you come and we give you free upgrade to combo." No. I want my freakin' egg roll and crab puff and rice. You make your tip-checking-house-entering driver come back with them.

So nothing in there could really count as awful service, it was just that it all happened in one day.
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