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Bad service from Harvester

Not the worst service ever, but worth mentioning.

I called my Nan back in England yesterday, and she told me a story of some bad service they had last week.  It was my cousin's ninth birthday, and she wanted to go to Harvester for her birthday meal. This would have been the Harvester on Ruislip high street.  I've eaten there before and gotten pretty meh service, so I can't say I was all that surprised.

She ordered a cheeseburger from the kid's menu, and everyone else's food was out and eaten before hers even arrived at the table.  Apparently someone had misplaced either the ticket or the food and only just realized.  My Nan said the burger looked really unappetizing, a cold bun with one piece of limp lettuce hanging out of it, and the burger.

Suddenly the waitress had an epiphany and said, "oh, this is supposed to be a cheeseburger, right?"  She left the table and came back with a slice of cheese, lifted up the bun, slapped it on the burger and said, "there, cheeseburger", and walked off.  Now, that is NOT cool; if you have to fix the burger, you do it AWAY from the customer.  And cheese is usually melted slightly on a burger, shouldn't it go under the broiler?

They did get the cheeseburger comped, but my cousin had a lousy birthday meal.  And I know my family, they probably ended up tipping normally and my Nan admitted that they felt terrible complaining.  They're typically English and don't like to make a fuss. :/
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