Vanessa (elitist_maus) wrote in bad_service,

Fucking CREEPY pizza delivery guy.

So last night I had a friend of mine over and we got drunk. Around 1:30 we decided we wanted some pizza, so we ordered from Dominos. Not because Dominos is good, but because it was the only place open.

The pizza gets there in 30 minutes, and the apartment I live in is upstairs from the main entrance, so I went down by myself to get the pizza. The delivery driver seemed normal at first, handed me the slip to sign (I paid by credit card), and as I was writing the tip he asked how I was doing. I said I was cold.

And then the driver replied "You just need a hot body to keep you warm".

I was speechless. I looked up at him. It wasn't just what he said, which was inappropriate enough, but the look he had on his face and the tone of his voice made me feel extremely nervous. So I grabbed the pizza and shoved the receipt at him and ran upstairs.

But that wasn't the end. The doorbell rings again. And then a few minutes later again. It took me a minute to realize that I had taken the wrong receipt. I woke my friend up and made him come downstairs so I could give the guy the correct receipt.

I didn't realize until I closed the door that it still had a tip on it.

I really, really want to call to complain, but the guy was so creepy and he knows where I live, so I am actually scared to. I'm still extremely upset about the whole thing, and upset because I had written down the tip before he said anything bad and still gave him the receipt.

Is it inappropriate if I call and complain to ask that the tip be removed from the bill? He does not deserve to be rewarded for sexually harassing women.
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