Miss Kitty (kittylair) wrote in bad_service,
Miss Kitty


I get the fact that you think very little of gamers and geeks.
(Our group of 20; one table of 12 and the others at separate tables)
But we have money. And we vote with it. We have come to your place for almost a year now.
And after this last weekend... you are not getting anymore of it.


When we order food, we expect to get it all.

If we don't- don't charge us for it. Or argue that it came out. It didn't. And no the other people didn't eat it. Believe us we watched every plate that came out because some of us hadn't had anything for almost 12 hours.

When we have drinks, we should get a refill- we should not have to order our refills with our drink.

It's not too much to expect a good attitude from our waitress and management. We are customers, not pests, and we all buy specialty drinks not water.

And the straw that broke the camel's back;
When a person who is extremely allergic to meat proteins explains to your waitress just how sick he can get and asks to be very careful with his food- you should of heeded that. Instead I had to dive across the table and smack a fork out of his hand. Because his burrito was filled with CHICKEN.
Your excuse was weak tea. Your waitress just IGNORED a minute explanation of why he needed it vegetarian. It annoyed her and she didn't believe him- a little chicken couldn't really kill him. And hey- sometimes a little revenge is okay? Not.
Thank you for comping it but it's just the last time you'll get a chance to almost kill a friend of mine.

Anyone live in Columbus Ohio that knows a good late night place that provides good service and food?
20 hungry gamers need a new place.
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