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Hello? Stop the Ride Please?

We went to Carowinds theme park today. Now don't get me wrong, it was fun, but it wouldn't have been so fun if we hadn't caught this mistake on the first ride we got on.  

Okay at Carowinds, there is this huge rollercoaster called the Borg Simulator or something really close to that. It is a rollercoaster where you lay down, and go through all these loops upside down and such. It seemed really fun, yet really scary, so we decided to go on that one first.

After waiting in line for about 45 minutes we finally got on. Now when you get on, you sit down, and buckle up. Then after that they place a bar over you and then the let the cars lay down so you can start the ride. Now the point of the bars is to keep you feet down so they don't hit the poles that you get really close to when you are actually riding this, so it is very important.

This was our first time going here and we all got in and then the pushed the bar down to strap us in. They did it to all four of us (Me, my dad, my mom, and my little sister) They are laying the carts down when my mom notices that my sister's feet aren't in the bar the way they're supposed to be, they were actually dangling. She starts telling them they need to fix it before they could let the ride go, mind you we were just about to take off.

Finally after about a minute of telling them they need to put us back up and lift up the bar, they did it. Turns out that guy didn't strap my little sister in properly to begin with, and then the people who were making sure everyone was strapped in, didn't catch the error either.

Now don't you think that is really dangerous. My sister is about 9, so she wouldn't have know if it was right or not because this was our first time at Carowinds, but if they would have taken off with her like that she would have broken her leg, because part of the ride is the fact that you are so close to the bars you think you are going to crash into them. Her leg most defintley would have been broken or worse. 

I think that the people are there to make sure everyone is safe for a reason, why couldn't they see that? Escpescially on something like that, that was threatening the well being of one of the passengers. They need to pay attention.
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