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This is a continuation on the post about Jason's in Puyallup:

Sorry I wasn't elaborate.
My husband and I had gotten out of work last so much of the local eateries were closed.
No problem.
So, we stop at Jason's. Not known for it's outstanding food but we'd heard that the service was good.
It takes about five minutes for the waitress/hostess to finish her conversation with her co-worker to grab two menu's and seat us.
*input her exasperated sigh here*
She asks us if we wanted something to drink. Okay no problem. Order our drinks, she brings them back, slams them down and splits.
We were ready to order.
Again, waiting. Twenty minutes later, she takes our order, and splits again.
She makes it very obvious that we are interrupting her, in one way or another.
The cook makes our food quickly but the waitress lets our food sit.
And sit.
And sit.
My husband walks up to our waitress and asks for our dinners.
She sighs and grabs it and plops it down at our booth.
We didn't see her again after that.
She hid in the back.
And the food. Was terrible.
We left a two cent tip and wrote on a napkin, "The service here sucks. We will not be back and we've taken your name and plan on writing a letter to Corporate. Have a nice day".
So, do yourself a favor.
Ever in Puyallup? Or anywhere else that has a Jason's chain.
Go someplace else.
Thank you for listening.
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