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Where is your BRAIN?!

Backstory: Life is rather hectic right now, and my mother suffers from clinical depression which she's had most of my life, this is not a good combination.

My mother went into the emergency room last night, escorted by the police who picked her up on a suicide call. She didn't actually try yet, but she had been planning on it.

I arrived a bit after her (I didn't know she had been picked up until the friend she was with told me), and I could see she was really, really down. Angry, depressed, crying, all the classic signs of something is wrong.

We were there for quite a few hours, waiting for the doctors and mental health specialists, and the whole time she's giving off bright red flags that she's not together.

Finally, the mental health specialist sees her, and mum admits she wants to kill herself, she also says she wants to go home. Same thing when the doctor (who has the final say) comes in.

He asks that if he let's mum go, will she commit suicide and she doesn't answer. He asks if she will promise not to, and she says no.

The mental health specialist then says that they don't have a bed, and if mums' commited she'd have to be transfered to another facillity, mum is quiet for a bit before asking the woman to call the other hospitals, saying she needs the help.

My mother was released at one am this morning, still saying she wanted to commit suicide. They never called the other hospitals, they never did anything, except telling my mother not to say she's suicidal as it's a warning sign.

So now it's up to us, her family to keep her safe, instead of the people whose jobs it actually is. I feel like a warden, constantly watching my mother because these people can't do their jobs and get my mother the help she needs.

I idea what I'm doing. I just want my mother safe.

Why can't people just do their jobs? Especially when LIVES are at stake?
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