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I'm a newbie here,and I was sent over here from customers suck. ^^

My dad (visiting today) and I went over to Wafflehouse for breakfast. We got a couple of slices of toast, he got coffee and I'd already had orange juice here. More of a snack, really, than breakfast.

It came to $4.43, with tax. The tip my dad would've usually left would've been about $1-$1.25 right?

This lady never brought him (or even offered) any more coffee, never asked us if we wanted any jelly. She threw the apple butter that's standard at us (not a sling at our faces,but they bounced when they hit the counter) and what did she do the rest of the time?

She hung out with a friend over at the jukebox selecting $8 or so worth of songs. She couldn't even be arsed to give us our check. After ten minutes of being finished (we DID just get toast) and sitting there we finally went over to the cashier. It took another five minutes of her screwing with the jukebox, AFTER BEING ASKED BY A CO-WORKER TO GIVE US OUR CHECK! to finally get the check.

Her tip was still $.57.

And she glared at us for interrupting her with the jukebox. ...and no. She was not on break (we checked). Her co-worker looked as pissed as we were... and there were four other people there. Five waitresses.

Yikes much?

Though the door guy was awesome.
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