merky, the yellow dart (merky) wrote in bad_service,
merky, the yellow dart

This isn't exactly bad service, but I wonder what was up with this lady.

In the mornings before I go to class, sometimes I'll go through the drive through at Burger King. It's usually order, go to the first window, pay, get my orange juice, then go to the second window and get my food. And usually it's this young girl around my age that's doing the drive through.

Today it was an older lady. I went to the first window and gave her my money. There was someone in front of me at the second window, and while I got my change I saw that the first person got their orange juice at the second window. I was still at the first window, though, and I saw two cartons of orange juice next to this drive-through lady. She was also saying to a coworker, "Ya se lo di!" which means in English, "I already gave it!"

She didn't touch the orange juices next to her nor was she motioning to do that. She just closed her cash register and that was that.

So I just go to the second window. The lady here gives me my food, and goes away. I sit there, and the 2nd lady sees that I'm waiting for something. I tell her that I need my orange juice, and then the whole "Ya se lo di" thing goes again. The 2nd lady was saying that this was the 2nd person who said they didn't get their OJ and so on. I got my OJ and left.

Either the woman wanted to hoard all the orange juices for herself or she has some memory problem...

I'm not sure which is better :)

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