<3 (axlackxofxcolor) wrote in bad_service,

No joke!!!

About 6 months ago, a friend of mine was spending the night at me and b/f's apartment on a Sat night. At 3am, we decide we want Jack In The Box (JITB). My b/f (who didn't go) wants an assload of tacos & I'm really craving an oreo cookie shake. We go, wait in line, & are told they are out of tacos. Lame. We go to another JITB, no tacos either.  (if i was in a bitchy mood i probably wouldnt have gone to so many but I know my b/f would have gotten mad, & we didn't hav eanything to do anyways.) 

So we go to the third JITB, which is next to a 7-11. There are a few people standing outside. We pull up, and I say what I want. I wait like 10 seconds and no one answers me. I say, "Hello?" a few times & still nothing. Okay?? So we pull up to the window, which is WIDE OPEN. I can see everywhere inside the restaurant and there is not a soul in there. I say 'Hello?' a few  more times and nothing. We sit there for an incredibly long time wondering what to do, as this has obviously never happened before and has to be the wierdest thing ever. By this time there is a car behind me, who has been there for several minutes at the speaker. I didn't want to leave because I knew that someone MUST be in there. So I roll up my window as my friend and I start wondering aloud if maybe the JITB workers were murdered, and tons of other bizarre scenarios, because why else would the window just be wide open if something sudden didn't happen? So we're sitting there thinking, and I start wondering about the people at 7-11. 

We drive away onto the main street, and I see the two people outside 7-11 smoking cigarettes, both with collared shirts. It's very dark outside, so I turn around to drive by again, and the people are walking towards JITB. I stop in the middle of the street, roll down the window and ask if they (two teenagers) work at JITB. They simply say 'yeah' like it's no big deal, and keep walking. The funny thing is they KNEW when I had first pulled up to JITB (& the other car as well) because you can see the drive thru clear as day from 7-11. I was absolutely furious at this and called the 1-800 number when I got home to see if I could leave a message because I knew I'd forget to call the next day. Of course I did...

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