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Bridal shop woes...

Where I live, debutante balls are generally a time of excitement. Looking back on it, it was a fun night but over so quickly. Whether all the preparation and stress put into it was worth it is unquestionable, except for all the stress about my dress...

My mum and I ended up going to the city for my dress (two hours away) because we'd heard of a good shop on the outskirts of Melbourne. It was getting uncomfortably close to the deb, so she let me take the day off school to make the trip. After being practically booted out of the shop after asking if they hired dresses out, we decided to catch the train elsewhere and wander around. By chance we found this cute little shop that didn't hire them out, but when I saw one of the dresses on display, I knew it was the one. The only problem was that my mum preferred to get the alterations done closer to home, seeing as we lived over two hours away. So away we went with this pretty new dress.

We called up this place that we'd heard was pretty good. We didn't have to make an appointment, apparently, so we picked the time that we thought they'd be least busiest and popped in. The only thing that needed to be done was a couple of inches of the hem, and a large chunk of the ribbon at the back shortened so that it wouldn't trail on the ground. I explained that to one of the two ladies in there and the older of the two just rolled her eyes and practically yanked open the fitting room curtains and left me there. I squeezed my way into the dress but needed help lacing up the back and asked my mum to do it, so she came in and helped me.

As she was lacing it up, we overheard one of the assistants talking to another customer:

YA: Young assistant
M: Mother of the girl who was in the fitting room next to me

M: Ugh, typical mothers. Always sticking their nose in. I'm glad I'm not like that.
YA: (Giggles)
M: It makes you wonder just what they're doing in there.
YA: Much to our disgust!

They couldn't have been talking about anyone else, as we were the only other people in the store. I chose to ignore it and got on with my fitting. We sorted out what needed to be done and I went and took my dress off. My mum had to leave the shop for a second for a phone call, so I shimmied out of the dress and as I was putting my clothes back on, I overheard the assistant and other woman talking again:

M: I don't even know why they bother.
YA: I know, it's such a waste of money and effort to put into a dress.

And they continued snickering and making jokes when my back was turned.

So a week later I decided to pay them a visit to see how the dress was going, and to get a quote on the price. When I got there, I saw the assistant run to the back and once again, I heard snickering and sarcasm. They also wouldn't let me see the dress, or give me a rough estimate on the price. After pushing a bit, they told me $95 (around $76-77 for you Americans). This didn't bother me until I found out that most of my friends got theirs altered for half of that! Thoroughly bummed out, I decided to let it slide and come back on the day before the deb and pick up my dress like they told me to.

Fast forward to the day before, I excitedly hurry to the shop to collect my dress but there seems to be a problem. They didn't even start to fix it. It was exactly the same as when I gave it to them nearly two weeks ago. So I had to come back the next day, an hour before I was supposed to be at the deb mind you, to get it. I picked it up, rushed home, and realised that they didn't bother to cut the ribbon on the back of the dress. It didn't bother me because I just had to tie it in a loop and tuck it in, but it did bother me because I paid $95 for a job that was left until the day I was supposed to wear it, and it wasn't even finished.

Hmm... Apologies for the lengthy post. I hope no one else who goes there has the same experience as me. It really put a lot of unnecessary stress into something that was supposed to be fun and memorable. :\
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