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Big Toes, X-Rays and Incompetence Oh My!

My tale of woe and frustration, I will try and make it short. 

Tuesday evening I managed to drop a 60 lb concrete paver on my right big toe. It hurt. Like an MF'er. Go to the ER and everyone and their mother is there. I leave after an hour and a half because a)the young man ahead of me-who needed stitches and was bleeding quite nicely-still had yet to be seen and b) when I got in to see the triage nurse, she didn't even bother to look at my foot. Isn't that what a triage nurse does? So, I figured if I was going to sit around for hours in pain I might as well do it at home and not get charged 1000 dollars for it. So I go home.

Wednesday morning I get an appointment at my Dr's office and they give me a shot for the pain and send me to get x-rays. They tell me I can go across the street to the Diagnostics Center since it would take less time. Thats what I do.When we go in the woman asks for all of my info because the computers are down-this is important later on in the tale. I get every thing done, they tell me they will send them off to the hospital and my doctor should have the results at the latest the next morning. 

The next morning comes and passes. That afternoon I call the doctors office, they haven't received anything, she tells me to call the radiologists at the hospital. I do. After a few minutes of waiting I am told that the Diagnostics Centers computers went down yesterday and they had no way to send the records to the hospital and that they had just gotten a IT guy to fix their computers. Excuse me? They tell me that the results should be sent to my doctor the next day-Friday. Well, Friday morning comes and goes and at 1 pm I call the radiologists department again. Yes, they have my x-rays, but no one has read them yet (apparently the one and only radiologist was in meetings all day) but they will have them done by 4pm and sent to my doctors. I ask what if they don't get to them by 4pm? She tells me to come and pick them up this weekend. Guess what-they were not sent to my doctors by closing at 5pm yesterday.

So I call the radiologists again this afternoon asking if I can come and pick up my x-rays, the young woman on the phone says absolutely not, you get your results from your doctor! Excuse me? They are my medical records, and I was told I could pick them up. Someone else gets on the line and tells me that there are no radiologists there, that my x-rays have not been read and she doesn't have access to them and I will have to wait till Monday. I ask if I can get a cd of the x-rays, no, again I HAVE to wait until Monday.  Honestly, I find her little tale hard to believe, someone has to take/read x-rays on the weekends, am I right?

So to sum it all up, I'm pissed at everyone all around. I didnt have an x-ray done for the hell of it, as I am sure most people do not have x-rays done for fun-I have a possible problem that needs fixing.1) The Diagnostics Center should have informed me to go to the hospital to have the x-rays done because they knew their computers were down and they would not be able to send the information. 2)They need to fix their computers systems to include a back up plan, it's not that hard and seems to me it's quite essential considering they are working in the medical field where the transfer of information is extremely important. And for that matter it would not have been that hard for the radiologist to hop in his car and drive the three miles to the Diagnostics Center to read the x-rays and get the information in the hands of the people who need it. 3)I do not enjoy getting dicked around on the phone by some snooty receptionist. 

A simple x-ray diagnosis that should have taken at most 2 days has instead turned into what will be at least a 5 day fiasco. Part of me wishes I had sucked it up and stayed at the ER, because even though it would have cost me more and I would have been dealing with a different sort of incompetence, I would have at least known what in the Hades was going on with my toe.
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