Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Car woes

Back in September my husband and I purchased a 1999 Plymoth Grand Voyager SE van from a used car dealership. It was the kind that specializes in helping people with no credit or bad credit. Joe and I had no choice but to go there. We didn't have anyone who could co-sign for us to get a bigger vehicle and we didn't have any credit of our own. Both our car and our truck were purchased with cash.

Everything started out ok with the van. After a few days, when the gas got low, we noticed that the gas gauge quit working. No problem, they said. They set us up with a dealership service department they work with and all was well.

Around that same time, Joe noticed that the back windows wouldn't work. I guess the motors went out in them. Joe calls the service department, but gets a different guy. The response this time? Fix it yourself. The guy was totally rude and told Joe they wouldn't handle it and he should just trace the power to the motor and fix it himself. WTF? He isn't a freaking mechanic. The damn thing was still under the limited warranty that covered ANYTHING that happened for the first 1200 miles. They should have freaking fixed it.

We let it go. We didn't really use the back windows so we figured it wasn't a HUGE problem.

Fast forward to last month. Transmission starts slipping. It gets to the point where Joe can't even get the damn thing in gear. He calls the service department again. He gets the first person he had. Sure, we'll fix it! they say. Sure enough, within the week we had a repaired transmission and a brand new water pump.

Well, last Thursday the motor started to go out in the passenger window. Joe calls today. He gets the douchebag he dealt with when he called about the back windows. He gets the same freaking response, we won't fix it. He explains that he called and spoke to him a few months ago about the back windows and how they never did anything about those, even though they were still under warranty. He pretty much gets told to FOAD and the guy hangs up on him.

I'm so angry right now it isn't even funny. We've had this van since September 06 and half the time we get good service, the other half not so much. We pay our payments at least a few days early every freaking time they are due. We are excellent customers, they should treat us as such instead of being dick heads.

Gah. I had to get that out of my system.
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