Danielle Faye (danielle_faye) wrote in bad_service,
Danielle Faye

Supercuts Question

I went and got a haircut yesterday at Supercuts near the University and they're usually really good. I asked the lady cutting my hair for half an inch off and to undercut it (trim the bottom layers shorter so it curls under) especially in the back. But I asked that at the beginning and I think by the end she forgot because it doesn't feel like it's undercut or look like it's undercut. I could only tell that though after I got home and brushed it and it had dried.

Now I'm not sure what to do, do I call ahead and ask about it? Go show up on the way home from work? If they'll fix it but I get a different person do I tip them? Do I tip the same person? I normally wouldn't fuss but I'm trying to grow it out and only go get it cut every three months and though I CAN dry and comb my hair into submission it's already not being cooperative. If I leave it a month it'll be kind of unmanagable. But then again it doesn't last that long even when they do it right so maybe I should just suck it up.

I don't know, I'm just irritated I didn't get what I thought I was paying for and don't know what's the best plan.
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