Vanessa (elitist_maus) wrote in bad_service,

Annoying University

So last night I was sitting around at home watching TV and I got a call on my cell phone.

It was the University of Connecticut. Calling to ask me for a donation.

Um... I graduated in August. They aren't even going to wait a year before they come begging for donations?

I told the girl on the phone I make about half the money per year than I have in student loan debt, so no donation for you. Did they not notice that I graduated with a BA in Political Science?

As a side note, I don't plan to donate to them, anyway, if and when I ever have money. I transferred in and they screwed me over on credits and refused to give me any merit-based financial aid because they apparently only offer it to freshmen, despite the fact that I had a roommate who got merit-based aid as a transfer and had less impressive grades than I did.

Edited to add:

They have a phone number other than my cell phone, and were told that the number in question is a cell phone when I gave it to them.

Also, I know it is standard practice to call former students for money, but I graduated less than a year ago. It annoys me that they are asking for money already.

Also, UConn gave me a lot of bad service while I was there, from

- administration errors and problems fixing them
- fucking up my transfer credits so bad that I had to take classes I took elsewhere over again, necessitating summer classes and an extra 5k of student loans
- telling me they would accept a years worth of work I did in Germany at one point and then renegging on that a few months later, which fucked up my plan of study
- fucking up my summer living situation I had set up through the students with disabilities office and then being assholes about fixing it
- all sorts of problems with summer support staff, and ignoring letters with valid arguments on the problems the summer dining hall had giving vegetarian students a nutritious diet on a mandatory meal plan that cost $1000 for two months.
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