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I used to live in L.A., and when I did I drove a Honda that I would get serviced at Robertson Honda in North Hollywood, CA. Sold the Honda in Sept 2005 (loved that car, it was so sweet), moved to NYC in Oct 2005, and haven't driven since.)

So I'm at work, and my cell phone rings, and it's an L.A. phone number on the caller id display. Now, I'm at work in NYC, which means that anyone I would know in L.A. would be at work too. Usually I would screen, but what if it's an emergency, etc.? So I answer:

Me: hello?

rep: hi, this is _______ and I'm calling from Robertson Honda, we're doing suchandsuch research survey today, have I called at an ok time?

Me: (totally confused) Well not really- I'm at work, and I don't own a car anymore, and I've lived in New York for over a year now. But I loved Robertson Honda while I did live in L.A.! I just can't help you if you're surveying recent service or anything?

and if the conversation had ended here I would have been fine with it- they really need to update their contact lists for their surveys, but no harm no foul. and I actually did love taking my car to Robertson Honda while I lived in L.A. But this was the next part-

rep: Oh, ok. So, do you have any friends who drive Hondas who are still living in the area whose numbers I could have, who I could call?

Me: (totally annoyed) Sorry, I don't give out my friend's phone numbers to strangers. And I have to get back to work now.

and then we hung up. I mean, was I getting pissed off at nothing, is this usual procedure to ask someone for her friend's phone numbers just like that? Especially if your system is so out of date that it hasn't realized that my car hasn't been in to your company for service since 08/2005- I wouldn't give you my friends phone numbers anyway, but especially not then. I did love them for taking my car to, but man this research survey system needs some serious work.

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