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I went to Subway this afternoon and ordered a veggie sandwich on wheat. The guy in front of me had a tuna sandwich. The sandwich artist was assembling his sandwich, and he asked for lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes. She started putting on bell peppers. He said, "No bell peppers, please," and she started peeling them off the tuna salad. She then proceeded to throw the bell peppers back into the bell pepper bin. As a vegetarian, and someone who finds fish gross, I was a little disturbed. I definitely avoided the bell peppers that I normally would have ordered. :\

I'm not *too* freaked out about this as a vegetarian. Heck, I don't always ask the SA's to change their gloves after touching meat. But I like to avoid meat juices when they're easily avoidable. I think that in this situation, they were.

I'm much more concerned about people with fish allergies or people with religious restrictions. It seems reasonable to expect there not to be fish stuff on your bell peppers, right?
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