slrcosmos (slrcosmos) wrote in bad_service,

Comcast = very confused company

So we signed up for a promotion in September that was supposed to last 9 months and Comcast ended up stopping it after 6 months. Our bill went from $94 to $124. We have digital cable with HBO and internet and that's why it's such a good deal.

I got the bill on Feb 24 and call Customer Service immediately. I'm told that since we signed up through a telemarketer, customer service can't make any changes. I guess the promotions differ. she sends my info to a direct sales supervisor and I should get a call back in 48 hours and my bill amount should be right. Well it wasn't. So I call customer service again and I'm told I should bring the original sales sheet to the Comcast office. Now the Comcast office is way out there and I don't have a car. I let the person know this and she says I can fax it in then..Okay, I'm trying to solve this without spending money. That will be a last resort thing..

I ask if she has any numbers I can call. She gives me a 313 phone to call. I live in a 734 area would be long distance. I ask her if she has any local numbers and she goes " You're in 734, right? Well 313 is close to you." Yes it is, but it's still long distance. I'd have to call 1-313 to call that number. But maybe I can walk to the 313 area and call from there.

So then she gives me a local number. I call that number, explain what's going on and she tells me to call the 1-888 number!! I said I just came from there and then proceeds to give me another number to call. That person left the office already so I waited until Monday to call. I get the voicemail so I leave a message. Wednesday rolls around and no call backs. So I call the number again and leave another voice message. Thursday comes and I'm getting aggravated. I call the number before 9 and catch the person on their way to the office. She says she will call me when she gets there. Guess what? She never called me back.

Luckily someone else called me and all is good now. Apparently the codes were entered correctly in the system for 6 months instead of 9. But what really sucks is that different areas of Comcast aren't interconnected. They give you one number to call and that's customer service. There's no generalized direct sales number to call but customer service can't help. And also, people rarely call you back...I was surprised the one person did. Ugh...

What really gets me is the long distance comment.

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