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Several stories

I've got a few.

Pizza Hut

Sorry the text and codes for this story got messed up. Basically I ordered pizza, it didn't show, PH called ME and told me I didn't asnwer the door. He comes back but forgets my wings. I call PH back and they reluctantly send him back. He gets mad at me for getting his boss mad at him.

It's late and I don't feel like retyping it sorry.

This is actually 2 in one, for Dell and Qwest.

I bought a Dell laptop in October with a one year warrenty. By December, I was already having problems. I didn't hook it up to the internet until January though (viruses are usually my first thought when I have computer problems). It had trouble with the sound, playing music files. My mom swore it had to be just new and having growing pains or something along those lines, and it got better, but never went away.

In January I got a wireless router and started hooking up to the internet from my laptop since the power cord for my desktop busted. I loaded up though with antivirus, antispyware, firewall, etc to protect my computer though. Qwest likes to shut of the service randomly (I'm not really saying they do it on purpose, it just seems sometimes like there's a catatonic monkey living near the on/off switch and sometimes he spazzes out randomly) so when I had connection problems I didn't think much of it. I called in and had them take me through trouble shooting just in case it wasn't like an outtage. And yay it worked again.

For three whole minutes.

I called back, went through troubleshooting again and it worked. Before I hung up though I asked "What if it goes out again in five minutes?" their only response? Call back.

Yeah, because I don't have a life and I actually enjoy calling random technicians on the phone all day long.

[tangent] Okay I don't know where their call center is and I have no bias against the people there. They're working hard and I appreciate it. Some of them have accents I cannot understand. If you work a callcenter please do not get mad at me if I cannot understand you and ask you to repeat yourself a few times. I'm not trying to pass some subliminal judgment off on you, and you don't need to get upset at me. Sometimes I missunderstand wth my mother is saying to me (she's from Ohio, and her "accent" comes back every now and then). Asking you nicely to repeat it is so not the same as calling you names and passing judgments on you so please stop getting mad at me for trying to understand. [/tangent]

So I hung up the phone and started using my internet again. Until it went out three minutes later. I restarted the computer, and even though it took literally ten minutes to boot up, I waited patiently for it. It reconnected to the internet for a whole three minutes again. But restarting seemed to connect again instead of having to call tech support every time.

I called my mom to ask her advice because obviously this was not going to suffice. We thought maybe it had gotten some sort of virus so I ran my programs like crazy and a friend of hers who makes a living getting viruses off computers and protecting them from future ones took a look at it and said it was the internet connection because I connected to his service flawlessly for much longer than three minutes.

I called Qwest back and explained to them the situation. They tried to get me to do trouble shooting again but I explained that there was something else wrong since that obviously hadn't worked. They weren't listening to me though so I asked them to cancel my internet service. After 15 minutes of trying to get me to keep doing trouble shooting they finally cancelled the service. My mom put me on her comcast service and now I have high speed internet that actually stays connected.

My computer is still having problems though and I called Dell about it. A woman at (what I thought was) tech support answered and I explained to her the problems. She asked me to hold so that she could contact tech support and ask them what they thought. (I thought I already was at TS....and why wouldn't/couldn't you just transfer me there since apparently they have the answer?)

Her: Hi thank you for waiting.
Me: Sure...
Her: They said it's likely a virus.
Me: Actually I had a guy look at the computer and he doesn't think it is.
Her: So I can actually help you step by step to take the virus off your computer -
Me: But I don't think it is a virus.
Her: But I see here you bought your computer in October, yes?
Me: Yes
Her: Well it seems you only bought our Otherdellsupportthingy for thirty days. I can help you order that for a full year right now if you'd like to. This will allow me to help you go step by step to remove the virus.
Me: I don't believe it is a virus.
Her: It will only be 300someodddollars and it will cover you for a full year. I can't help you get the virus off until you do that tho ma'am.
Me: I don't want to buy that right now. Is there anyone else I can talk to? I don't think I have a virus on my computer but there's definatly something wrong.
Her: I'm sorry I can't help you until you purchase the whateverthingy.
Me: *click*

I'm new to dell (my desktop was an hp, but my parents helped me buy the laptop and they insisted I get a dell). So I don't know my way around yet so to speak but I'm feeling very uncomfortable now with them. I don't want to pay $300 for a support thingy if my computer is still under warrenty. That's just dumb to me. Maybe there's something I'm missing here, but shouldn't she have been more helpful with figuring out the problem?

A friend had to see our school's play a couple weeks ago for a class and asked me to tag along. Afterwards, just before midnight, we went to eat at Villiage Inn which we normally love to go to. This VI is open 24 hours (don't know if that's usual for VIs) but I guess our server was just nearing the end of her shift? Not that that's an excuse but that was the conclusion we came up with.

When she came to ask us what drinks we wanted she asked if we were ready to order too. We told her no that we had just sat down and she said "Ughn. Fine. I'll be back with your drinks"

My friend and I just exchanged WTF looks and went back to studying the menu. About twenty minutes later she brought our drinks, but didn't stay to ask us if we were ready to order that time. We tried to flag down a manager to get her or to take our order because we just wanted to eat. But our server finally appeared again and asked us what we wanted. It was after midnight, and I guess she thought what we wanted was unusual for the hour?

Her: You want a burger?
Me: Yeah the whateverburger with whicheversidesIpicked, no cheese (I'm lactose intolerant)
Her: Ooookay. *turns to friend*
Me: Can I also get the boneless buffalo wings appatizer, but with my meal please?
Her: *eyeroll* Sure.
My friend: *orders*
Her: Seriously? Burgers?
My friend: Yes. And the blahblahblah
Her: K fine.

My friend and I again exchanged wtf looks and agreed her tip was diminishing all the time. It was late, and we were hungry, and we were trying to be forgiving.

Thirty or forty minutes later our food hadn't arrived and we did manage to flag down a manager who went and got our food (that had been apparently waiting for us). It was cold outside and we were near a window and I just wanted my food to warm up at that point. We could've walked out, furious at the service at that point but I was coooooooooold lol. So we eat, and my friend realizes she got the wrong dressing on her salad. So we tell the manager who's very kind about it and gets another for her.

I get to my burger and it's got cheese. If I weren't lactose intolerant I'd just roll my eyes and eat my food but any little bit makes me sick so I apologetically asked the manager (because our server was STILL mia) to take it back. Another one came out very quickly and with no cheese. Yay food.

So we eat and we're nearly done when our server comes back and just leaves the bill. No "how's your food" or anything. So we asked the manager for boxes, paid up front, and left. We didn't leave a tip. I've worked in a restaurant before and I know that it can be difficult but I also know you've got to earn every last dollar you get. If it's near the end of your shift, and you're tired and cranky you don't take that out on customers, or go missing for long periods of time, or question our choice of food. If I had seen the manager again before we left, I would've tried to tip him, since he was the one that actually served us.

I went grocery shopping the other day with the last of my cash because I needed silk (milk for the lactose intolerant) and batteries for my new flashlight (because the power decided to go out last week in the middle of the day and I was like als;dkfas if it happens at

So I get to the checkout and these two girls are talking to each other (the checker and the bagger). They don't even greet me, which isn't really a problem as I was off in my own world anyway. I went to scan my card and the girl stopped her conversation to say "Slide your card. *points* Right there" ..... Yeah. I know. That's what I was already doing, kthxbie.

And then she waited for the receipt to print and started her convo again. It printed and I needed to sign one copy and I pointed to it and said, "Excuse me?"

She rolled her eyes and gave me the slip of paper to sign. I signed it and left.

Yeah not horrible but I was a little miffed by it.

That's all I remembered tonight.
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