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Papa Johns

Saturday night pizza cravings. We call Papa Johns and I place an order FOR DELIVERY from Lisa at 8:41pm. My address is VERIFIED for delivery and I give my credit card number for payment. I am told 30 to 45 minutes for delivery. Pizza has not shown up by 9:30pm. I wait. Pizza has not shown up by 9:51pm. I place a call to Papa Johns and speak with Lisa again.

The following exchange takes place:
Me: "Hi, I place an order for delivery about 1 hour and 15 minutes ago and I do not have my pizza yet, so I was just checking on the status."
Lisa: "Your pizza is waiting for you to pick up."
M: "I specified delivery"
L: "No, I took the order, you said carryout"
M: "No. . . I would like it to be delivered"
L: "I took the order and you said carryout"
M: "I said delivery. We even verified my address"
L: "I verified your address instead of your name. And you said carryout"

At this point, I was thinking 'what the hell?' Why exactly are we arguing? Conversation continues . . .

M: "uh . . " (cutoff by Lisa)
L: "Well, I just send your pizza out with the next delivery."
M: "Okay and how long will . . ." (cutoff by Lisa)
L: "LISTEN! You said carryout . . ." (Lisa is cutoff by me)
M: "You LISTEN! Just cancel the whole damn order if. . . "
L: "OKAY!"
M: "I do not like your attitude. Be sure to refund my credit card." (I hang up)

I chill out for about 3 minutes and call back to speak with a manager.

L: "Thank you for calling PJ, can you please hold?"
M: "Sure" (waits a minute or two)
L: "How can I help you?"
M: "I need to speak with a manager, please"
L: "I am the manager"
M: "I need to speak with another manager then please"
L: "Listen, I took the order and you said carryout."
M: "I need your managers name please."
L: "Ma'am, I offered to send your pizza out with the next delivery"
M: "No thanks - I would just like the refund and your managers name"
L: "You can call 1-800 . . " (Lisa is cutoff by me)
M: "Just a minute, I need to grab a pen"
L: "I HAVE other customers. I cannot wait on you."
M: "I have waited an hour and 15 minutes for a pizza from you. You can wait two seconds while I grab a pen." (already has pen in hand) "Okay - the number?"
L: "His name is Rick - no no, I'm sorry. Rick is someone else - his name is James."
M: "So your manager's name is James?"
L: "Yes"
M: "And the 1-800 number you were going to give me."
L: "There is no 1-800 number. Just call back in the morning and James, that's my General Manager, will be here. He's my manager. He's the person who will have to talk with me. He'll be here in the morning."
M: "Okay - and your name?"
L: "Lisa F-----, that's F - - - - -"
M: "F - - - - -?"
L: "yes"
M: "Thank you" (hangs up)

Why would you argue with me? First of all, we went so far as to verify my address and then you took my credit card information so it could be charged. You then quoted me a time for normal delivery - 30 to 45 minutes (I live about 6 minutes away). When we call in for pick-up it's only 15 minutes. It was definitely for delivery. So someone messed up - no problem.

Then, you offered to have the pizza sent on the next delivery - I agreed and TRIED to ask "when?" and THEN you started arguing with me AGAIN about me having ordered it for carryout? WTF. So yes, that's when I lost my cool and told you to just cancel it. When I call back you THEN start switching your manager's name and don't give me the original number you were going to give me. . . Fishy.

Throughout the conversation you were loud and rude. As much as I hate saying this, I am a manager in customer service myself and your shitty self shouldn't be answering phones - much less be a manager. So yeah, I will be calling your "manager" to complain. Screw Papa Johns - and that charge better not go through . . . (no recepit was signed, so it shouldn't be a problem).
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