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Small but weird

This is a small suck, but it struck me as sort of bizarre.

Last night my roommate, her boyfriend and I went out to dinner. We're college students, so the local town has a few good, yet inexpensive places to eat. One is an Italian place which has an almost cafeteria-like setting. You get in line, someone asks what you want and it's made in front of you from ingredients sitting in jars behind the glass barrier, ala Subway. Then you take your tray, pay and sit down somewhere. Simple.

So, I order penna with meatballs and it's made and in my hands within minutes. I pay and go back to wait with my two friends. They ordered after me, one wanted a chicken sandwhich and the other wanted pasta. They had ordered literally seconds after me but after ten minutes of waiting, it became apparent that something was wrong.

I waited with them, hoping my food wasn't going cold, as we noticed that no one was working on my friends orders. Suddenly, a man who looked like the manager walked over, looked around and asked what my friends had ordered. They told him and he immediatly started to look for the man who took their order and who was supposed to make it.

Seemingly, the man just WALKED OFF. He didn't tell anyone he was leaving. He just left. The manager was livid and searched the entire place for his employee, but he was never found. He had another cook make my friends food, and after the long wait, we finally could sit down and eat.

During the meal, we still saw the manager searching the resturant for the guy, and then we saw him shouting on his cellphone. I assume the guy completely left the resturant. I can understand if you have to go to the bathroom really badly and run off to take care of that (or some other important emergancy, like cutting a finger or something) but it doesn't seem as if that was the case. The guy just left and didn't tell anyone, or relay that my friends had ordered food. He was just gone.

We were floored. Who does that?

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