missmunchkin (missmunchkin) wrote in bad_service,

CompuServe Troubles

This happened to my sister yesterday...

Capital One calls her and says they believe there were fraudulent charges to her credit card. Someone ordered three months of internet service from CompuServe. There were other charges on the card, for one dollar here and two dollars there, that were all declined. Once the CompuServe thing happened, Capital One froze the card. So, my sister calls up CompuServe to tell them what is going on.

S - Sister
C - CompuServe Guy

S: Hi, I'm just calling to report fraudulent charges on my credit card. Capital One called me and informed me that three months of your internet service was charged to my credit card. Those charges weren't made by me and I would like them removed.
C: Are you sure someone in your house didn't order the service with your card?
S: I'm sure.
C: How?
S: (Wow.) Because nobody uses my card but me and we already have an internet service provider.
C: Which is?
S: AOL, why does this matter? I just want the charges removed because they are fraudulent.
C: Well, since you're going to be charged for the first month of service anyway, you might as well try CompuServe for 30 days.
S: No, I do not want to try CompuServe. My mother pays for our AOL Broadband Service and we have no reason for your service. I just want the charges removed.
C: Well, you're going to be charged for the first month of service anyway.
S: No, I won't be, because my credit card company will fight it if that's the case.

After all that, the guy then gives her a number to call to report fraudulent charges to CompuServe. Why didn't he just give her that number in the first place the second she said they were fraudulent charges? I know service providers like CompuServe and AOL make money or have a quota to get/keep customers, but she was not a customer, ever. Someone charged the service to her card. He should have just given her the number right away instead of trying to assume someone in our house made the charges and then after she said she was sure, trying to convince her to keep the service and telling her she's going to be charged for a month of service anyway. I mean, what the hell?
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