lorelei633 (lorelei633) wrote in bad_service,

Subway suckage

I was fried from work and exhausted and starving so I stopped by Subway on the way home last night. I ordered my six-inch turkey breast and ham on wheat, and the guy grabs half a wheat roll that's sitting on the metal table. It's not on the cutting board, it's actually sitting on the work table itself, over in the corner by the big boxes of plastic wrap and stuff. Now, first of all, I don't know how long it's been lying there, and secondly, it just looks gross to me. I ask him about it (politely) and he starts yelling and saying "Is clean! Is clean!" I guess I didn't look convinced because he started yelling more. "Everything here is clean! Do you see anything? Look! Do you see anything?" Well, other than some crumbs, no. Wtf am I, Supergirl? I can spot a germ on a stainless steel table from three feet away using my amazing laser vision? If the table's so clean, what are the cutting boards for?

So, I took a deep breath and repeated my order, at which point he threw away the bread he had in his hand and grabbed another wheat roll, which was also lying on the metal table about two centimeters from where the first roll had been! He grins at me and says "Maybe you like THIS one!" He starts slicing it open, berating me the entire time. At this point I snapped and called him an asshole and walked out. Went home and ate a can of soup.
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