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Delta Dental is poopy.

So, mid-January I went to have my teeth cleaned and examined. I'd broken a few teeth, and had a few cavities as a result. I'm covered by Delta Dental through my employer, so the exam and everything was paid for. Happy me! I scheduled an appointment to get my cavities filled, which was for a few weeks ago, March 6.

Fast forward to March 6. Cavities are filled, yay me! However, the receptionist says "That's funny, [Delta Dental's] not taking it. I'll send them the claim again, but for now take the bill with you." Delta's fully online, so she was able to tell right away. We're both a bit puzzled, Delta should've paid for half.

A few days, maybe a week later, I get a letter from Delta. It's saying basically that I have to pay for everything. Perplexed, I check online and OMFG I'm not covered anymore.

So, I've got no dental insurance and a $750 dental bill. Funderful, that really made my week. I checked my paystub, and sure enough they're not pulling the money to cover dental insurance. I called up HR yesterday, and asked them about it. They were every bit as confused as I was, saying it apparently cut out on January 21. This is the Sunday after I'd had my teeth checked. They said it wouldn't be a problem getting me insurance back (which is especially good 'cause there's still more to fix), but I am really, really upset.

I wouldn't be so mad even if they'd sent me anything or called me to say "By the way, you don't have insurance anymore. Sorry to leave you flat on your ass like that." But I had no way of knowing short of logging into the website and checking JUST TO MAKE SURE I still have it. And why would I do that if I've no reason to believe it'd get pulled out from under me?

Anyway, I'm just griping here. I hope I can still get them to cover the last visit, since I'm gonna have to pay for all the checks the money for the insurance wasn't pulled from.

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