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Hi, I'm new. And I'm's why...

I go to school at Grand Valley State in western Michigan. I live about and hour and a half south of school. Last week was spring parents, somewhat understandably, didn't quite feel like comming up to get me. So whatever, I decided to take the greyhound. The only issue is that my campus has been dropped in the middle of a cornfield, so the nearest station was in downtown Grand Rapids, MI, about 20 minutes away. Luckily, there is a downtown Grand Rapids Grand Valley campus and a free shuttle that runs back and forth between the two. This lovely shuttle is called the Rapid Transit. (Grand Rapids..Rapid, get it?? har har...) So my plan was to take a shuttle downtown, then catch a cab to the bus station. It went off without a hitch the day I went home. Comming back was not nearly as much fun...
I got back to Grand Rapids alright. Then I called a cab from the station to take me to the shuttle stop. Now, I was very thurough in checking the sunday schedule. I looked on the website, a schedule I got from school, I even CALLED the damn place and all sources said that on sundays the shuttle came to X street stop at 2:50pm. I got to the stop at oh...bout 2:25. Also I mentioned this is Michigan...and its had started to snow, the temp had dived about 30 degrees and I was cold. I waited pantiently and...yeap you guessed it...2:50 comes and goes. No bus. Its about 3:10 and I called my mom all freaked out cuz I'm at a random road, all these creepy people are walking around contemplating robbing me, its snowing....a lot...wet nasty snow...and its COLD!
So, instead of taking a nice warm FREE I ended up waiting 10 more minutes in the snow and spending $22 on a cab. All I can say, is thank goodness my mom gave me an extra $20 before I left or I would have been screwed. The cab guy was really nice, the fare was actaully like $25 but $22 was all I had.
The Rapid can BITE me. They will be getting a customers_suck worthy phone call from me AND my mother tomorrow...

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