Allison (sidekicknomore) wrote in bad_service,

A big huge like an XBOX fuck you to my local post office.

Thank you for sending mail back to the car insurance company. Those were important documents that we need. Important in like....WE HAD NO INSURANCE THIS WEEKEND...oh not a big deal...

until my FH slid on ice this weekend and messed up the front end of his car. Its totally awesome that we called roadside and had it towed to the ford dealership onl to call the car insurance company and find out our coverage was cancelled.

No really thank you. I totally had $5,000 to just throw at a car we still owe $7,000 on. I hope tat email puts you out of business or something.


Note: sorry to all the nice and hard working usps people. I know a few that are totally awesome and really nice and hard working but this whole bullshit with our car this weekend has driven me over the edge.


Edit to add more: Our insurance was cancelled because of non payment. The documents that were returned and about 7 other mailings were sent back to the insurance company with no explination given about why they were returned (one of the returns was the payment cards for the year). We've had 1 or 2 out of every 5 malings from someone that mails us twice a month returned to them ith no reason given. We've been called by friends asking if we moved because they got a mailing back.

We have to goto the post office tomorrow to talk to them and find out wtf is going on but its really rediculous.

To add, yeah I know its not totally their fault or the insurance company's fault. Its a good deal our part because of we didn't pay. But hey life is really freaking busy when you are trying to plan a wedding and get a shit load of other issues back on track, we forgot. Two days before his accident I had been thinking about the insurance but things came up and I forgot.

I still call the USPS on bad service because FAR too much of our mail has been sent back or lost.
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