Gwen (verygwen) wrote in bad_service,

"It's the generic, ma'am."

My husband took my prescription for Seasonique to the pharmacy while he was out, and waited for it to be filled. He gets home, and I'm all excited to see my new BCP. (Yeah, I'm strange that way.) I look and it's for Quasense. (I blame myself for not asking DH to check it in the pharmacy.)

I call the pharmacy. "My husband was just there filling my prescription for Seasonique and you gave him Quasense instead."

Pharmacist interrupts me to say "It's the generic, ma'am."

And I reply, "No, actually, it's a completely different drug. The 13th week of Quasense is inactive and the 13th week of Seasonique is a lower dosage active hormone."

Pharmacist replies, "Um. Oh. Well, you can bring it back. We'll have to order the other one so it won't be in till tomorrow."

*bangs head* Seriously. I thought pharmacists were supposed to know things and not give generics that don't even match the brand name drug. I hope they don't make similar mistakes with drugs that actually matter.

A word to the wise, though. Make sure that you know what you're being prescribed and be an educated consumer. Don't just blindly trust the pharmacist :(

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