Lysdexic (high_watermark) wrote in bad_service,

U-Haul Suckage

This dates back to August 2005. I was getting ready to move out of my parents' place and finally get my own place. My parents were really good to me, they paid for a U-Haul truck, as I had a lot of stuff. There was a U-Haul place nearby and gee willickers, ain't that handy? My dad booked the truck a full month in advance to make sure nothing would go wrong. And here we go.

The big day arrives and I'm almost all set to go. Dad goes over to the U-Haul place and finds the gate locked and no one to be found. After a bit of a wait, he comes back and calls the place. No answer. He decides to call the actual company and is immediately on hold...for 15 minutes. Then he finally gets an agent on the phone. He tells them the story and they put him on hold again. TWENTY minutes pass and they acknowledge that they had the record on file. He wanted a truck immediately, so they put him on hold AGAIN for close to 10 minutes. They inform him that all the trucks are booked but the minute one happens to be in our neighbourhood, they'll TRY to get them to stop by. My dad is a calm individual but he was livid. Luckily he didn't take it out on the agent but needless to say, we're not going that route again. Best part, non refundable deposit!

As a side note, my dad's friend had a truck and though it took 3 half hour round trips, it worked out ok. It just makes me wonder what happened on their end and I feel bad for the stress my dad went through.
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