daemonaquila (daemonaquila) wrote in bad_service,

The first time this happened, I thought it was a fluke. But I've been seeing repeats lately, and it's getting me irritated.

Where did this "Do you want your change?" stuff come from, at fast food places? You do not tip at a McDonald's. I've run into it at a McD's, a Whataburger, and a couple other places. Come on - if you want tips, get a waiter/ress job. I'm getting a soda at the drivethrough. No, I'm not going to tip you $0.75 or whatever it comes to for pushing the button on the drink machine and taking my $2 through the window.

Not exactly bad service, but annoying and kind of related -
I had stopped to get a soda on my way back to the office, and an employee of the business next to the restaurant (wearing the t-shirt and carrying the tools) was over there picking up a large order that a bunch of people had made for their break. They were all sitting on the bench outside the business waiting for him to come back. He started walking around the parking lot asking people in/around their cars if he could have $0.50. Hello? Panhandling, in your work uniform on work time, in the parking lot next to work? Tacky, to say the least.
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