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Not sure if this is bad service or a sucky customer but...

... I was in a grocery store the other day and it was really late at night. There were no lanes with lights on, and only one girl at one register. Her light was off, and she looked to be cashing out, or in, and I was unsure. Seeing no one else around, I asked her if she'd be opening soon, or if she was closing. She rolled her eyes at me, flipped her light on, and said, 'Don't I look open? I sort of blinked at her and apologized, and she slammed her drawer shut. I didn't have a whole lot.. about $30 or so of merchandise. One item had no tag, but it was the color I wanted, and the only one left of that color, so I'd brought up one of a different color. While trying to explain that I didn't want the one with the tag, but was trying to help out to avoid a price check, she sighed loudly, snatched the tagged item from me, and threw it over to a counter beside the one I was at. She then proceeded to call for a price check for the untagged item... which ended up costing the same as the tagged one.
I apologized to the guy who had to come do the price change, because it took forever.. and when he returned (with a tagged item) he noticed the tagged item I'd brought up and told the cashier that she could have just scanned that one. She didn't respond, but when he left she muttered the total to me and I started to pay with my credit card, which obviously pissed her off even more because she reached over with another long sigh. I told her nevermind and paid in cash. When giving me my change, she dropped the coins into my hand from about half a foot above it. Naturally, some of the change dropped to the floor. I picked it up, and smiled, saying, 'oops!'. She said, 'Yeah, you sure seem to be having a lot of problems tonight', and then turned around and walked away.

I'm wondering - was I a lousy customer or something? I know the 'are you open?' question can be annoying, but I really didn't know, nor did I see anyone else. Also, was bringing the tagged item up a mistake?
-Baffled and hoping she was just having a bad night or something..
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