Jen Ever (foofish) wrote in bad_service,
Jen Ever

Not amazingly awful.. But snarky_service!

My local laundromat has "last wash" at 8pm. I hate cutting it -too- close, but I know my stuff dries quick, so I got there around 7:40. A couple other washers were spinning, but I was completely alone, kept company only by an army of dust bunnies. Having loaded the washer and turned it on, a woman appears out of absolute nowhere. Said Laundry Fairy scolds me for doing my laundry so late, and tells me that I probably won't have time to finish. I happily remind her that last wash is at 8pm, and it's still quarter-till, so I have plenty of time, since I'm only doing a tiny load of quick-drying clothes. Snotty as can be, she snickers at me and says, "Well, we're closing at nine, whether or not your stuff is done."

She was mean!
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